Meet The Team 

Meet The Team

We Have All The Skills You Need To Create The Lifestyle You Desire.

We have all the skills you need to create the lifestyle you desire.

Heather O’Brien

Founder and CEO

It didn’t take long for Heather to discover the typical day job wasn’t for her.

Despite a shining career in consulting, and making good money, she had no freedom whilst working 50-100 hours per week.

With a lifestyle dictated by her client’s schedule that made vacation near impossible, Heather decided to start a company of her own, Lifestyle Workweek.

Now she lives in Puerto Rico near the beach, and has the lifestyle she has always dreamed of.

Leesa Valentino

COO and Executive Director of Client Profitability

Leesa is an entrepreneurial, innovative executive with extensive business development experience within IT and web applications industries.  She has a proven track record of developing, building, and rapidly growing technology businesses, turning small startups into million-dollar companies in short periods of time. She is skilled in converting business objectives and requirements into profit-generating Internet applications and services.

Leesa is highly focused on delivering excellent customer service and managing client relationships to increase business.  She is a dynamic public speaker with a passion for sharing insight on technology.

Nico Smit

Paid Advertising

Nico is a Social Media Marketing addict with an extreme focus on the Facebook Advertising platform.

After 20 years in the corporate environment, Nico decided it was time to use his marketing knowledge as a tool to help small businesses with their budgets compete with the big corporate giants.

Anastasia Shevchun

Funnel Manager and Strategist

Having no idea she would ever be involved in tech and IT, Ana fell in love with digital marketing once she became part of the Lifestyle Workweek team.

Her sports background and work experience in the USA, made her purposeful and industrious; allowing her to easily combine full-time study and work while excelling as a Customer Happiness Specialist.

Taking on multiple client projects, she is now an invaluable asset to the company working as a Funnel Manager and Strategist.

Fernando Cote

Funnel Manager and Strategist

Fernando Cote moved from Ecuador to NYC at the age of 18 and quickly became a valued member of one of the largest catering companies in Manhattan – while putting himself through college.

Upon graduation, he secured a coveted spot at a rapidly expanding healthcare company. Fast forward to 2016, where Fernando was ready to leave his position in favor of getting married and moving to Puerto Rico. Now, he enjoys a life of sun, sand, and surf.

Fernando has completed a certification program to become a real estate broker in Puerto Rico. He brings this knowledge among other skills to the role of Funnel Manager and Strategist, where he greatly contributes to the team, and the valued clients of Lifestyle Workweek.

Andrey Mospan

Funnel Architect

Andrey fell in love with web design during his bachelor’s studies and this passion has continued since. His portfolio contains various designs of websites, membership sites, apps and promo materials that he created working remotely with international clients. He developed an interest in technology during his design work and decided to pursue a Master’s in Computer Science. This gives him a unique skill set with a combination of art and technology making him a great addition to Lifestyle Workweek team as a Funnel Architect.

Suzanne Teel 

Customer Service

Suzanne’s career path was forever altered when she took a “Surf Sabbatical” in Rincon, PR after leaving a very demanding project management position in the New York Metropolitan Area. She has been dedicated to becoming an entrepreneur in Puerto Rico.

In August 2017, Suzanne completed the 90-hour certification program to become a real estate broker in Puerto Rico. When she is not excelling as the Customer Happiness Specialist with Lifestyle Workweek, she can be found operating Teel Management, her dynamic property management business in Rincon. She thrives in customer service, with a desire for building and learning new social media outlets that can contribute to meaningful customer connections. 

Tom Bell

Senior Copywriter

Tom has seen it all in his 51 years, everything from having to eat from dumpsters as a homeless man on the streets of New York to earning Millions and dining with diplomats at g7 summits in Beijing.

Often called upon by the top gurus for marketing advice, Tom has Never been in a niche he didn’t dominate, earning over 120 million over the years with his offers.

At last count, his paid book buyer count was north of 1.4 Million buyers, and he has managed roughly the same number of paid clicks over the years. Except with 3 additional zero’s Yep 1.5 BILLION with a capital B, and still counting!

If you were to ask HIM how he did it, he might not even be able to say, he made over 2 million online before ever buying a single training manual. He writes all his own sales copy, and designs some truly unique sales processes, Tom is a VERY good guy to listen to if your goal is to make money online.

Matthew Johns

Junior Copywriter

Matthew grew up and spent most of his scholastic years in Ohio, where he then finished his education at Ohio University. From there, he became a jet setter chasing everything from food in France, to waves in Indonesia, to canyons in Peru.

It was on these travels he realized he wanted a career that focused on his strong suite – his creativity and passion for the art of story-telling.

His love for narrative and the universal tangibility for the written word, drives Matthew to write direct, and engaging content. Both in his own tales, as well as client driven content, Matthew provides a narrative driven flow that strikes with efficient depth.