Wanted: Family Hero

Paradise (aka Puerto Rico) Based Position
with lots of travel domestically & worldwide

Hi there. Welcome, we are happy you are here.

We are a family of entrepreneurs who live a high-energy life & we are looking for support to continue the family fun. 

We operate multiple businesses that keep us very busy, but our family is our priority. We created our businesses with a vision of giving us the time to spend with our family.

We are very fortunate and grateful to be able to have a lot of time with our kids & to be able to enjoy that time. 

As a family, we have lived in Puerto Rico, Arizona & Texas. We have traveled to 6 states & 4 countries, but we feel like we have been slacking ;-). 

We have 6-year-old twins, a boy & a girl. They are enrolled in Montessori currently in Texas & we return to Puerto Rico in January 2024 for them to continue with the Spanish  Montessori they attended in 2023. 

In their spare time, our kids love swimming, the beach, snow skiing, ballet, reading, yoga, jiu-jitsu, gymnastics, legos, coloring, tennis, water slides & playing in general. We like to keep them active & trying new things to see what they like. They want to try soccer next. 

If this sounds like a family you could keep up with and enjoy being a part of, then please carefully read this entire page and follow the instructions for next steps…

You, In a Nutshell:

You are a proactive individual who loves family, kids, and living life. You are a well grounded leader who is an organized “get shit done” person. You are a kind soul but not naive. You communicate well and with confidence and authority. You have a disciplined mind and can smile when confronted with uncertainty and go with the flow, pivoting when necessary.  You are a problem solver that creates solutions and trains the team. You know in your hear service is a blessing and giving is the greatest opportunity for learning and receiving. 

Salary is negotiable (relative to experience) and hours can be flexible, but would be about 40 hours/week. XXXX experience not required. XXXXX is a requirement.

Us, In a Nutshell:

We’re a fun family who loves to travel and experience the world. We are an ambitious couple that enjoys our individual businesses, but our family is our priority. We created our businesses & lifestyle with the vision of the life we wanted to create. 

We want our kids experience the world, not sitting in front of a television or playing video games. 


Are You and This Position a Perfect Match?

Hmmmm, could be. Depends, does this sound like you?…

  • You agree It’s cool to work with a family, and be involved in helping plan and execute all things fun, safe, experiential, and educational with our the little ones. We like these things too. 

  • You work awesomely inside a home, outside & traveling – You’re a solid self-starter, and the idea of this type of work arrangement suits you just fine. You’re quite comfy self-managing what activities might be good for the kids locally and when we travel.

  • You see learning opportunities everywhere  – You can’t help yourself. Every experience throughout the day is a way to teach math, science, culture, manners, communication, emotions, and life. You naturally are always “teaching” cause it’s just comes naturally, you don’t even notice you do it. 

  • You’re naturally a “friendly person” – You organically come across as warm and friendly; empathy is kinda your middle name (perhaps literally). You communicate well. You love all people and treat them with respect even in difficult times (like when there are travel hiccups we can’t control).
  • You’re self-reliant – You follow instructions well, but can also think for yourself and don’t always have to be told every little thing to do in detail.
  • You’re an action taker and a finisher – Great at following-up and following-through without needing someone to check in or watch over your shoulder. You love using technology, apps, calendars to organize and make sure things get done. 
  • You’re conscientious – Naturally mindful & thoughtful about the details of a thing, and really need for things to be “done right”.
  • You’re maybe even a little nutty or weird – Our family has a unique culture. We’ve kinda mastered the art of not taking ourselves too seriously, and just enjoying life as it comes our way. “Characters welcome.”

If this sounds like you, then keep reading and read carefully

What Does a “Family Hero” Even Do?

Our Hero will work alongside the Dennis Family. We like doing lots of things & we always want our kids are in a safe, fun loved, having fun & safe environment. From picking them up at school, taking them to the park, reading them their favorite books, dancing with them, coloring, playing games, making tasty, healthy snacks with them.

We are raising well mannered, kind, independent children and want you being part of that. Our goal is to “teach them to fish” and be kind to others. This includes being humble, grateful, using please & thank you, working hard and helping out.  

Right now our kids are in Montessori and that works since we are mostly located in Puerto Rico for the time being, however, our goal is to travel more worldwide & we want you coming with us and planning their education while we travel together as a family.  


Yes! I already listed a bunch up top, but additionally to those already mentioned the right person for this will…

⟶ Know your way around kids, understand they are unpredictable.
⟶ Have super-high integrity, and a track record of being honest, dedicated and loyal.
⟶ Be organized, with special attention to detail.
⟶ Be able to adapt and adjust to things quickly, thoroughly, and in detail.
⟶ Be respectful and comfortable with all cultures, cause we will be traveling the world.
⟶ Have solid interpersonal skills, so extremely comfortable talking to and dealing with our family.

Hours and Pay…

As mentioned, our Family Hero’s salary is negotiable (perhaps relative to experience), and it is a full time position. Specific hours may be flexible, but should be able to be consistent and reliable.

We are willing to work with a “live-in” or local who loves to travel. 

How to Apply

If you think this job is peanut butter and you’re jelly, then please submit the application form below:

We look forward to hearing from you!

– The Dennis Family

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