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You’re Invited To Join An Elite Circle Of
Successful Women Who Want To Grow
Their Riches In Wealth, Time And Joy.


Discover How You Can Harness
The Power Of The Rising Tide.

WARNING: This is only for women who play full out, not because you have
to, but because it’s who you are —generous, relentless, and profound.

(If that isn’t you, please keep scrolling because this page is not for you)

If you are here, it means you’ve already “made it.”

You’re technically already “rich”…

I know this because if you’ve landed on this page, you were personally invited

You wowed someone so much they thought, “She absolutely MUST join this.

Someone spotted that spark in you…

That awesome mix of talent and drive that makes you ROCK when others roll…

You’re here because someone saw a leader

A real wave-maker

So much so, she thought, now that’s a “High Tide Woman.”

And if you’re still reading this right
, you’ve just told me everything
I need to  know about you.

You’re not just a trailblazer

You’re the spark that starts wildfires.

You’re not just influential, a “star”…

You’re a star maker

A unicorn in this world where trust is gone and division rules…

You stand out as a woman
who lifts all boats in the wake
of your rising tide.

No woman will be left behind.

Not on your watch

Everyone gets to go!]

You, my friend, are a total badass.


(Yes, You.)

You make magic happen – because you can.

You shape the world – because you said so.

You don’t just provide solutions

You are the SOLUTION.

The ‘everything woman’ – the one who does it all.

You effortlessly juggle the myriad of roles life throws at you.

You give

And you give

And when there’s nothing left to give

You find the way to GIVE
just a little MORE.

Pouring every ounce of energy into your passions until the well runs dry.

You don’t just compete in the arena…

You are the ARENA.




You are a FORCE of nature.

Until you’re not.

I know because I’ve been there, too.

Now, don’t get me wrong

I’m ebbing and flowing most days, even occasionally riding monster waves when the mood suits me.

With the power of the wind at my back…I’m not gonna lie –

I feel like Tina Turner, belting out my own version…

“Big WAVES keep on rolling!”

Yet, even though I have the tools, knowing what to do and how to do it…

I’m still capable of having one of “those” days…

The ones where it feels like you’re drowning.

Fighting for every breath.

Flailing as each wave hits, choking as you spit water out faster than you’re sucking it in…

Yet, you REFUSE to quit…

Whispering to yourself…

“Just a little longer – you got this!”

“You can do anything for 90 days.”

“Put on your big girl panties; this boat won’t row itself.”

All while pretending to float effortlessly down a beautiful river, seemingly without a care in the world.

Because, well, you know (just like everyone else in your life knows) – you’re the queen of the “calm dot com” baby. ☺

Yet, the constant giving…

The relentless striving…

The never-ending quest to do more to achieve more…

All that “doing” can really get in the way of nourishing your soul and renewing your mind…

Keeping you from finding ways to create from a place of being, divine artistry, and vision.

And while it might sound trite, there’s a reason they say…

“It’s always darkest before
the storm.”

It’s in those midnight moments you realize the very thing you need the most is the one thing you can’t find…a lighthouse.
Think about it

Who is the person who blows the wind back in YOUR sails?

Who is the friend who will challenge YOU when YOU are the benchmark?

Who do you ask to support YOU when YOU are the pillar so many other people lean on for strength?

Even the most BRILLIANT stars
need a constellation to
shine amongst.

Then, when the bad thing happens…

When the might for the good fight fades…

When the lies of imposter syndrome try to suck the success right out of your sails…

You’re not alone.

In fact, studies show that 85% of every single successful woman you know over 40 feels lost at sea personally and professionally…

With most NEVER saying a word.

I don’t know about you, but that’s something I’d have liked to have known in my thirties…

Trust me, learning the hard way is only cool to people who’ve not figured out there always is an easier way.

You just don’t know what you don’t know.

And that’s why we created
High Tide Women.

This is your chance to make an extraordinary choice to change all of that for your future self today.

You see, another bright light in this world believes in you.

She’s the one who stood for you.

She has witnessed the wake of your wave with her own eyes.

She admires the power, grit, and greatness of your glory.

That’s why she chose you.

She knows you have what it takes.

And she knows better than anyone – maybe even you – beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re built to weather any storm coming your way.

That’s why you’ve been handpicked to join this small but mighty group of “High Tide Women” – not by chance, but by design.

Hide Tide Women (HTW) don’t hate the player…

We redesign the game.

That’s right…

As they say in Vegas, “The house always wins.”

And we’re the house.

We stack the deck in our favorbecause we can.

This isn’t just another group.

It’s not another fancy mastermind.

It’s certainly so much more than a girl’s weekend.

It’s The Perfect Storm.

A gathering of the ‘Everything Women’ – the ones who do ‘all the things’…

An elite circle of women who believe being extraordinary is the norm and greatness is just the starting point.

Women who work together to create intimate, soul-searching experiences where your strengths are celebrated, your fatigue is understood, and your battles are shared.

You get to unmask and be unapologetically YOU.

Backed By The HTW’s
Golden Rule Guarantee:

If you’re ready to be understood, seen, and celebrated for the powerhouse you know you are…

If you’re ready to join a circle where your gifts are multiplied, not divided…

If you are prepared to be part of something as unique as you are…

This is not a coincidence.

It’s your destiny calling.

Join the ranks of the

Where your struggles are halved because you share them with women who don’t buckle under pressure, they rise to greet it…

Just like you.

Where your laughter is amplified because it resonates with the joy of those who have conquered their own battles…

Just like you.

Where your brilliance is reflected in the eyes of peers filled with intensity, passion, and dedication to excellence…

Just like you.

Amplify the RICHNESS of your
life with other kick-ass women
who love winning, too.

This is your moment…

You’re here for a reason.

This is YOUR call to become part of a sisterhood that doesn’t just acknowledge your brilliance but worships it.

This is your chance to choose a collective of women who don’t just embrace your power, they amplify it.

Replenish your spirit…

Extend your influence…

Indulge in the camaraderie of High Tide Women.

We REDEFINE “The Room”

The room is where you will grow—not just as a leader, a visionary, and a change-maker—but as the woman you were always meant to be.

In the room with women who don’t just take up space—we create it.

In the room with women who don’t just lead—we transform.

In the room with women who don’t just dream—we manifest.

Imagine a space where your light doesn’t blind but illuminates…

Imagine a space where your strength isn’t feared but fueled…

Imagine, for once, your
generosity isn’t exploited…

Hand in hand, we will harness the hurricane of our collective power to create a tidal wave of change to elevate this game we call life….

Heart to heart, we’ll ensure your tireless giving becomes boundless receiving…

Guaranteeing your profound impact on the world is reflected back onto you a thousandfold.

Together, we’ll turn this tide
into a TIDAL WAVE so powerful
even Mother Earth tremors
with delight.

Your place is reserved…

Your voice is desired…

Your presence is essential.

We see you. We celebrate you. We support you.

Welcome to where you’re not just a member—you’re part of the perfect storm.

High Tide Women: Expanding Your Potential

At High Tide Women, we all know from experience the true secret to success…

Your network is your net worth.

That’s why we are carefully curating membership and limiting it to 24 members.


We’ve designed our community experience to facilitate connection, learning, and wealth-building like never before.
Here, personal development isn’t an afterthought – it’s woven into the very soul of our sisterhood.

You can expect to learn from top experts with proven strategies, willing to share their knowledge with other powerful women who want to get smarter faster.

Through focused small-group discussions, signature retreat curriculums, and insights from visionary leaders, you will elevate your mindset, skills, and strategic partnerships.


Imagine accessing game-changing investing opportunities and new income streams other High Tide members share.

With each new contact made and concept absorbed, your possibilities and prosperity multiplied.

Open yourself to receive wisdom, fortify your network – and watch your greatest vision come into full bloom.


Discover cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain to revolutionize your business and lifestyle. Gain fluency in powerful tools that can unleash your freedom and income for the future.

As the tide rises, grow alongside a dedicated team that lifts your perspective to new heights. Accessible via our Facebook Group and WhatsApp channels, there’s no question that will go unanswered.



Sisters, join me in setting sail on this collaborative journey of exponential growth.

There is no limit to what we can achieve when we rise together; this is your chance to fully capitalize on all the abundance that awaits within our community.

If you are ready to get “richer” by expanding your potential and profits through sisterhood as a High Tide Women founding member, then “My captain, My captain”, your ship awaits…

Get in the room.

Be part of the conversation.

Come ride the High Tide.