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Let Me Tell You My Story…

Making great money in consulting work, I considered myself as having a great job, until I realized I was working 50 to 100 hours every week with absolutely no freedom. I couldn’t pick my clients, control my travel schedule for work, or pleasure. My life and time were not my own, as my personal agenda was always put to the side depending on what my company decided was best for the clients we served. I left this job.

I had a vision of creating money without trading my time and started my own real estate company, alongside my own consulting practice. I was able to choose my clients and the location, but was working so much I didn’t have the lifestyle I wanted. I shut down both companies.

I partnered with a client of mine and with only one job regained a huge portion of my week to do the things I loved. I moved to the beach, Orange County, California, and learned to surf.  It wasn’t long until I had the first real experience of making money while I sleep, or while at the pool in Vegas as it turns out. Made my first $500,000 in a single week. It felt great.

I moved Puerto Rico to live at the beach, have a better lifestyle, and started Mi Dia Perfecto, LLC (Spanish for My Perfect Day), DBA as Lifestyle Workweek and serving clients.

Now I’m living my perfect day, month, and year. I have traveled to over 70 countries in its pursuit, and as part of my perfect day, I get to work with great clients in helping them to achieve their own perfect day success story.

Heather O’Brien C.E.O. of Lifestyle Workweek

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