Infusionsoft Account Cleanup

Infusionsoft Account Cleanup

Don’t Let Account Clutter Slow You Down

Don’t Let Account Clutter Slow You Down

Infusionsoft Cleanup
  • Receive an Audit and Assessment of Your Exiting Forms, Campaigns, Products and Tags
  • Systematize Your Infusionsoft Account with Easy to Understand Conventions
  • Have your Account Cleaned Up and Sorted in a Professional Manner
  • Receive a Blueprint With Our Proven Tagging Method
  • Step-By-Step Guidelines That Anyone Can Follow
  • Get Rid of the Clutter That Slows You Down


Starting at $599.00

Full Description

We get it, Infusionsoft can become a mess if you have different people going in and out. When each person has their own best practices, then nobody knows how the whole puzzle fits together. This means a lot of wasted time navigating through all the complexities in your account. But it doesn’t need to be this way. We’ve been helping customers cleanup their accounts for years and know exactly what to do to make your Infusionsoft tidy, your team more effective, and your life easier!



Your existing forms, campaigns, products, and tags will be audited and assessed to gauge where your Infusionsoft stands organizationally with an action plan created for cleanup and sorting.


A cluttered account doesn’t need to slow you down anymore. Your forms, campaigns, products, and tags will be systematized with easy to understand conventions anyone can follow, leading to greater efficiency for everyone on your team.


After your account is Audited and Organized, you’ll receive a blue print with easy to follow instructions so your account will stay in good order. These are rules for naming and the best tagging practices we use for our very own clients! Not only will your account be restructured, but you’ll have the tools to make sure it continues for years to come!

Client Testimonials

Susan DeLaGarza 
The Lifestyle Workweek team is awesome! They inspected our funnels, identified issues and problems we had had for quite some time and could not seem to resolve, and helped us clean up the funnels, forms and tagging. I definitely credit Heather O’Brien, Shelby and the Lifestyle workweek team for helping us identify the issues, work to help us clean them up and optimize their performance. If you use the InfusionSoft platform for any part of your business, I highly recommend working with them!
Lori Greymont 
When we started IFS, we knew nothing about setting it up and maintaining to allow for the growth we had. We had a mixed bag of tags, campaigns, templates and no assembly of system. It was out of hand and getting worse. Lifestyle Workweek took control, organized and cleaned up our mess. They spent time analyzing why we did something and created a system that allows us to grow and be fluid. It has save us an enormous amount of time in efficiency. I would give them 10 stars if I could!
Matt Andrews 
THIS CHANGED MY BUSINESS! The lifestyle workweek team inspected my funnels, identified the the pitfalls (and uncapitalized opportunities), and helped me optimize the full process. My online sales this month are triple what they were at this time last year! I definitely credit Heather Obrien and the Lifestyle workweek Infusion team for helping me get there. If you are a business owner who uses the Infusion-soft platform for any part of your business, I highly recommend working with them!
Kim Pingleton 

Lifestyle Workweek was able to come into our 10 year old business and expose inefficiencies, fill in crucial gaps, optimize crucial gaps and prioritize our goals. And the best part, we have fun working with them and they operate with the highest level of integrity.