Meet Our Team

Heather O’Brien

Founder and CEO

It didn’t take long for Heather to discover the typical day job wasn’t for her.

Despite a shining career in consulting, and making good money, she had no freedom whilst working 50-100 hours per week.

With a lifestyle dictated by her client’s schedule that made vacation near impossible, Heather decided to start a company of her own, Lifestyle Workweek.

Now she lives in Puerto Rico near the beach, and has the lifestyle she has always dreamed of.

Nico Smit

Paid Advertising

Nico is a Social Media Marketing addict with an extreme focus on the Facebook Advertising platform.

After 20 years in the corporate environment, Nico decided it was time to use his marketing knowledge as a tool to help small businesses with their budgets compete with the big corporate giants.

Ana Shevchun

Marketing Coordinator

Having no idea she would ever be involved in digital marketing, Ana fell in love with the industry once she became part of the Lifestyle Workweek team.

Her operational mindset combined with the sports background makes her purposeful and methodical, allowing her to easily obtain Bachelor and Master degrees while working full time and excelling all the tools & processes involved in the daily company operations.

Taking on multiple client projects, she is now an invaluable asset to the company working as a Marketing Coordinator.

Jessie Hale

Sales Floor Automation

Jessie Hale is a dynamic entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience using/demonstrating creativity, leadership, and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create customer value.

Jessie’s experience is both as a United States Marine and in multiple executive roles as an entrepreneur in startups as well as early stage companies.

His broad-based background in all areas of digital marketing, analytics, design, and optimization has made him versatile, highly adaptable professional and key problem-solver with proven track record at executive levels including winning the Clickfunnels Two Comma Club award.

Andrey Mospan

Funnel Architect

Andrey fell in love with web design during his bachelor’s studies and this passion has continued since. His portfolio contains various designs of websites, membership sites, apps and promo materials that he created working remotely with international clients.

He developed an interest in technology during his design work and decided to pursue a Master’s in Computer Science. This gives him a unique skill set with a combination of art and technology making him a great addition to Lifestyle Workweek team as a Funnel Architect.

Deanna Maraschin

Social Media & Paid Advertising

After a decade of experience as a project manager for clinical trials, Deanna felt it was time to explore her creative side.

She is now a digital marketer and has developed a passion for all things social media.

In addition to her medical laboratory qualifications, Deanna has a degree in English Language and Literature, and enjoys writing captions, blogs and ad copy.

She loves to use the power of social media to help her clients reach more people and make a greater impact on the world.

Megan McShane

Funnel Architect

Megan is studying to be a chemical engineer at UCLA while working with Lifestyle Workweek, so yeah, she is super smart. She uses her diverse interests in business and web design to create converting funnels for our clients. She loves analyzing the numbers and improving them!

She is a natural problem-solver who challenges herself to find the most efficient and effective way to tackle any task. She excels in making sure the prospect & client experience is flawless, simple to navigate (and buy) so it converts. She enjoys the structure and clear methods of analytics while being able to use her creativity and freedom in the design & building of funnels.

Lani Ronquillo

Customer Support Representative

Lani is a graduate of Bachelor in Science for Secondary Education.

Since the teenage years, Lani’s favorite all-time work was marketing and selling online, she’s a natural. She loves people and helping them.

She became an English Instructor to Korean Students, which she worked for almost six years at the same time with her online business.

She thought she would be more of an over-achiever and recently opened her own small Seafood Restaurant business together with her husband.

She fits in seamlessly with the Lifestyle Workweek team with her positive attitude, driven personality and team player persona. She is a great asset to the team.

David Vaughan

Funnel Architect 

David has been freelance for the best part of a decade working with clients internationally as a full time digital problem solver

As a digital jack of all trades and as an autodidact, David has analytics, SEO, Design & Development knowledge & expertise across numerous languages, tools and frameworks. His mindset is high adaptability in a rapidly changing digital market with a focus on results.

Ireland is home but he’s lived in Mexico & now resides in Spain. In Davids spare time he enjoys reading, motorbike touring, travelling & keeping his fitness up

Rebeca Garcia

Personal Assistant

Rebeca is a born and raised islander who loves the beach any time she gets a chance and is always striving to improve herself eacn and every day.

She has always had a natural talent to relate to people and create great relationships. Her background is in Customer Service in many different departments and markets. She has worked in sales companies, real estate, and within the automotive industry.

She is so personable gets to know everyone, makes connections, and creates an overall great experience for all from start to finish with a plus of meeting incredible friends along the way.

She fits in perfectly at LifestyleWorkWeek.

Carly Friedrichs


Carly has loved and excelled her entire life in writing. After obtaining her degree in English, Carly has spent the last 19 years working in education as an elementary school teacher and/or substitute teacher of grades Pre-K-8.  Because she is an active duty military spouse, she has lived and taught in many states.

She has decided to make a career change to finally pursue something she loves to do…write.  This allows her to spend more time with her family, work with a team, and still make a difference in the lives of others.

Hiroyuki Ohashi

Marketing Funnel Architect

Digital marketing has always been the name of the game. You’ll find him actively ready as a key player in the team.

Building funnels and being around digital marketing is part of his daily life and he’s continually absorbing all of the knowledge and the experiences involved with digital marketing, happy to execute as part of the team.

He understands exactly what it feels like to execute a vision. With that said he is very dedicated to the task of meeting the goal of the project and make sure the project meets & exceeds the goals

His goal is to be one of the key players in digital marketing.

Being part of the lifestyle workweek was always the dream.

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