See What Our Clients Are Saying

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Check Out The Testimonials Below.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Check Out The Testimonials Below.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

1. These are real clients we have worked with and seen excel, using their own words to describe our service.

2. It takes effort. These clients have worked with us to create the framework for the lifestyle they love.

3.  We hope to provide the same success for you, just ask us how!

John Cochran

“Lifestyle Workweek fast tracked the development of a product that I had been working on for 13 months. Within 6 weeks, we launched and did 200k in sales our first week”

“If you’re looking to automate and scale your business to the next level, I highly recommend working with Heather O’Brien and Lifestyle Workweek”

Kevin Harrington

Nick Mares

“They reworked our sales funnel which increased traffic by 20% and sales by 15%. They provided invaluable insights to our company and could not be happier with the results”

“Lifestyle Workweek was able to come into our 10 year old business and expose inefficiencies, fill in crucial gaps, optimize crucial gaps and prioritize our goals. And the best part, we have fun working with them and they operate with the highest level of integrity”

Kim Pingleton

Lori Greymont

“When we started IFS, we knew nothing about setting it up and maintaining to allow for the growth we had. We had a mixed bag of tags, campaigns, templates and no assembly of system. It was out of hand and getting worse. Lifestyle Workweek took control, organized and cleaned up our mess. They spent time analyzing why we did something and created a system that allows us to grow and be fluid. It has saved us an enormous amount of time in efficiency. I would give them 10 stars if I could”

“The Lifestyle Workweek team is awesome! They inspected our funnels, identified issues and problems we had had for quite some time and could not seem to resolve, and helped us clean up the funnels, forms and tagging. I definitely credit Heather O’Brien, Shelby and the Lifestyle workweek team for helping us identify the issues, work to help us clean them up and optimize their performance. If you use the InfusionSoft platform for any part of your business, I highly recommend working with them”

Susan DeLaGarza

Jason Girod

“Working with Shelby and team at Lifestyle Workweek was the perfect solution to solve the problem Worldpackers was having with our global marketing campaigns. Being a travel startup we needed to not only have campaigns that were creative, relatable, inspiring but also efforts which had a positive ROI and could reach a global audience. The team was amazing at helping us develop these marketing strategies, manage the projects and execute on them in a timely manner. The knowledge and experience this team brings to the table is outstanding. I would highly recommend them for any sized company looking to expand their marketing efforts and quickly grow their user base through various acquisition methods”