Let me start by asking you a question, how many websites have you visited in your life that didn’t CAPTURE you? Too many.

Mistake #1: You don’t ASK potential prospects for their contact information.

Have you ever wanted to get more information by providing your own and been unable to do so? Was there not a place for yDoh!ou to put your name, email, or phone number? I’ve even seen some websites where you have to email abc@xyz.com for a follow-up – don’t be THAT guy.

Your business should capture as many people as it can by allowing the opportunity for your visitors to give you their information easily. Without their information, you can not follow up with them, and there’s a high chance you’ve lost them forever the moment they don’t provide you with their contact info.

It’s easy, once you get their email, you can keep them engaged by showing them the value you can provide. Then, you continue the relationship to get them buying from you, as you’ve created a win-win relationship.

Now you’re wondering, how do I do this?

What you need to do is create what we call an opt-in, a lead magnet, or an ethical bribe. I like to call it ‘ethical bribe’ because what you are doing is ethnically bribing somebody to give you their phone number, their email, and their name so that you can give them something of value in return. This gives you an opportunity show them what you have to offer. You can give them an e-book or a quick guide on a topic related to your product offerings. There are a lot of things that you are able to give them so that they give you their information, you just need to figure out what makes sense for your business and the ideal clients for it.

Also, before I forget – when I say “capture” make sure you’re saving all these details into a CRM system so you can easily follow up, automate, and track how your ethical bribe is performing.


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Mistake #2 : You forget to give YOUR contact information – when ALL potential prospects want it!

I cannot tell you how many websites I have gone to and can’t find their contact details, from an email address to a phone number, to even a name.

Oftentimes, if someone is on your site and they have a question they will:

  1. Want to get more information and happily give you theirs (see Mistake 1.)
  2. Look for your’s to get their answers immediately
  3. Leave if they can do neither.

If someone is contacting you it’s because they want to spend money, so make it easy for them to do so! If you don’t have the capacity for a phone number, I recommend having a “chat now” feature collecting the prospect’s email in order to start the conversation, even if it’s an auto-responder telling them you will answer within a day. Focus on getting the people that are interested to stay interested, and then buying. You can only do that if both the prospect and YOU are easily contactable.

Mistake #3: You do absolutely NOTHING with their contact information.

Now, let’s say, you figured out mistake #1 and #2 and people start giving you the information, and you now have their email and phone number.

Once they give you their email, make sure you show them what you have to offer. Make them an offer, give them value, show them what you do, tell them about your company, and then tell them how they will benefit from doing business with you!

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you own a yoga studio. If you’re a yoga studio then you can give somebody ethical bribes of different stretches that are good for x,y, and z to sleep better at night. Once they opted-in to get that information, make sure you CONTINUE to show them value. Tell them why yoga is great for them! Show them what they can do in very little time to help them. Maybe show them some good stretching or breathing exercises, so that you are educating them and showing them why they should do business with you. This is positioning yourself as the expert, and that is very important! You are the expert and need to position yourself that way by showing them value and educating them. Once they trust you and understand the value you can provide, many more profitable opportunities can be passed along.

Mistake #4: You cease communication once a buyer buys one time.

If someone buys a product from you, you obviously have to deliver the product, but why stop there? Somebody that buys from you is a buyer and a buyer is a buyer no matter how much money they spend. I’ve read studies and at a minimum, there is a 40% chance they will buy from you again.

Now, given that you keep them happy and if the customer service is good, they will buy from you again. Make sure to deliver above and beyond what was promised, and over delivered! Fulfilling and going above and beyond on the value you can provide them, will then make it easier to make them another offer!

Engage them with emails, special offers, and fun updates that relate to what they’ve already purchased. As that trusting relationship builds, show them other ways you can enhance their life with other products you may have. People want to continue doing business with businesses that make them happy, so keep them happy.

Mistake #5: I know, you thought there were only 4 so what is this fifth mistake?

If you’ve made any of these mistakes, it’s never too late to fix them and ensure you don’t continue down the path of poor communication, lost leads, and unhappy buyers. You are running a business, so maybe some of these “obvious” mistakes didn’t seem obvious before because you were focusing on other parts of the business and that’s totally normal! How would you have known?

That’s why we’re here to share our experience, and our learnings – to help you. So if you need some help fixing these mistakes, join our marketing community on Facebook. It’s as simple as clicking the join button and answering a couple questions via application to join – a win-win relationship is what we call that.