You have great products you can offer to your clients AND you have a beautiful website, but no clients – now what? OR how do you make sure your prospects and clients know about your valuable products, so they can buy from you the first time, and then continue to buy from you for years to come?

Automate Customer Nurturing With A CRM

The best way to do this is using a customer relationship management system – more commonly referred to as a CRM system. How a CRM works, is when a customer or prospects say they want something, you are able to automate the process of delivering what they have asked for, then continue offering them more valuable information automatically based on how you have developed your CRM to operate.

Here are the benefits of having a CRM system to show your leads some love:

1. Better Customer Experience

Because this is all automated, if somebody opted-in at 2 in the morning, you are able to respond to them right away and give them what they asked for immediately. Rather than them needing to wait for you to wake up and you stress about not replying to your many inbounds fast enough. On top of that, you can subscribe them to further communications AND be able to see the history of all the conversations you’ve ever had when you open their account. As a bonus, if you see a customer hasn’t opened an email that is super important to their success. Then you can tell them you’ve noticed this and drive the value of them completing the task home, as you’ll be able to reframe the action and sell them on the importance.

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For example, let’s say somebody buys a product from you and you have a training video. You can’t send them the product until they watch the video. I mean, you don’t want to send it thousands of times, but sometimes we get overwhelmed and we open our emails and think we are going to have time to watch them and we never get around to it! If you are the seller you can say, “HEY! I noticed you have not watched that video yet, here is the training video on how to best use our product” This way, we will know that clients are getting trained, and are going to use the product more.  As a result, they are going to be more successful.

2. Organized Customer Data The Way You Want To See It

With a CRM, you are able to write reports, record the information, track buyer life-cycles, and be able to see what you want to see – all at your fingertips! You can run a report on how many people opted-in, send it to your team to analyze and action, create dashboards to monitor how many visitors you have, and see how many of them buy. You are really creating your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) just based on the information you’ve always wanted to know, as CRMs make it easy to track week over week to watch your performance, so there’s no excuse to not continually improve your business when it’s easy to see how.

3. Digestible Customer Data In Real-Time

All customer data is at your fingertips, so you can easily search on your smartphone or in a cloud-based system to see what’s working and what’s not working, so you can immediately make changes if needed. Just think how great it would be to know, anytime,

  • How many clients bought this product?
  • How many people opened an email?
  • What is your average lifetime value of a client?
  • How many prospects opted-in?

4. Market To Your Customers AND Prospects BETTER

With customer information, comes learned customer behavior. With a CRM you know what people like, what they do not like, what they open, what they do not open; it allows you to target market to your clients and be more effective in your marketing, which in turn gives you information on who they are so you can utilize that information to find NEW clients. Now you can target the right market of potential buyers, from taking the information you have from your existing buyers.

5. Highly Engaged Customers

You are going to have a more engaged customer. If you are able to see what your clients are doing and send them different information or different offers based on those actions, you are gonna have more engaged clients. More engaged clients are more likely to be happier and buy from you more often, stick around more often, and will even share with their friends how great you are.

And do you know what this all leads to…


If you have a better client experience, if you are able to deliver all these things, if you are able to automate this so that your client experience is better, and you are giving them more value – then your sales numbers are naturally going to go up, and so will your revenue! That is why we are doing business, right? So, use the CRM, automate it as much as possible, and if there is anything you think you could do better to enhance your customer’s experience, do it!

As always, if you want help looking at your entire business or just a part of your model, join our Facebook group at the link below, leave a comment, and we’ll do our best to get you on track.